D2CL Season II announce

Dreamz Media Group Company is pleased to announce that season two of Dota 2 Champions League will start on February 9th at 18:00 CET. This time around, the championship title will be contested by the 10 best teams selected according to the results of season one, qualifying round, fan voting and at organizers’ discretion:

1. Alliance (season one champion)
2.  Speed Gaming (season one vice-champion)
3.  Sigma (season one 3rd place)
4.  Team Liquid (season one 4th place)
5.  Natus Vincere (season one 5-6th place)
6.  Fnatic (season one 5-6th place)
7.  Empire (winner of qualifiers)
8.  Virtus.Pro (winner of qualifiers)
9.  RoX.KIS (winner of fan voting)
10.  Power Rangers (selected by the organizers)

The guaranteed prize pool of the tournament is 50,000$ and each D2CL Bundle sold will increase final payments by $2.5. Ticket holders will not only get access to all tournament matches covered by the best commentators from their respective regions, but will also receive a hero-set for Pudge. Also, the most vigilant viewers will have a unique opportunity to win valuable prizes and gifts which will be given away daily.

Here’s what Mark Averbukh, the product-manager for D2CL, had to say about season two:

“We’ve taken into account all mistakes of the past season and have been systematically working on making sure that all future tournaments would bring only positive emotions to viewers. We hope that such additions as the qualifying round, fan voting and games on European servers will make season two better.”

A commentary from the D2CL league head administrator Artem Bykov:

“An experienced team of organizers that works on season two of the D2CL leaves no doubt in my mind about the tournament’s success. I’m glad for getting the opportunity to take part in the development of such a promising project. Our viewers will be pleasantly surprised by the new level of high-quality content, as well as by the numerous competitions and surprises we’ve prepared for them.”

Just as during season one, all games will be broadcasted on Dailymotion. Aren (VeRsuta) Zurabyan will be working for our Russian speaking audience, while JoinDota will be broadcasting for Europe. In the nearest time a full description of the regular season games will be available on the league website, play-off dates will appear later.


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